Frequently Asked Questions: Premium Motocross Bikes

photo of bike keys

How big are the bikes?

The MX3000 Predator and the MX3000 Lightning are 56 in. long, 24.5 in. wide, and 36 in. high.

What are the rider's weight and recommended age limits?

The Predator and the Lightning are designed for riders up to 220 lbs., ages 16 and up.

How tough are the bikes?

They are made with a durable steel frame and high-impact, shatter resistant plastics. The pneumatic knobby tires are specially made for off-road driving.

How fast can the bike go?

Up to 40 mph is their cruising speed.

How much time and how far can you ride on one battery charge?

The Predator and Lightning will provide up to 30 to 40 minutes of continuous ride time, 10 miles, based on the style of riding and the rider's weight.

How heavy are the bikes?

The bikes are 120 pounds.

Does the bikes come with a battery charger?

Yes, the motorcycles come with a battery charger so you don't need to purchase any special accessories. The battery uses a standard 120V, charging in 8 hours.

What battery does the bike use?

They use 72-volt sealed battery packs.

What is the warranty on the bikes?

90-day warranty from the time of purchase.

photo of MX3000 Predator