About Us

Fort Wayne Electric Motorcycles is a locally owned and operated retailer and the industry leader in customized electric motor vehicles. We also offer reconditioning services. To accommodate special needs we do custom design, conversions, engineering, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. We strive to provide our customers with the absolute best service, highest quality products and the most outstanding technical support in the industry.

  • Our Mission

    Fort Wayne Electric Motorcycles mission is to provide youth and adults a reduced pollution option for motorcycle riding. A quality, durable, and fast bike for the enjoyment of all. We aim to provide you with the best riding experience, enjoy!

  • Product Selection

    Here at Fort Wayne Electric Motorcycles we are offering customers four versions of electric motorcycles. The standard versions are the MX500 and the MX650. The premium models are the MX3000 Predator and the MX3000 Lightning. Learn more about each bike to see which suits your particular needs.

  • Repair Services

    Fort Wayne Electric Motorcycles not only sells these awesome bikes but also offers support, replacement parts and repairs.